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My boyfriend is handsome, and I was overly excited to “shoot” him. 

Walking in a winter wonderland #hockinghills #oldmanscave

beachboundbrittany asked: That's still not bad! Will I be able to see dorms when I visit? I can play a couple instruments but doing what you do sounds way cooler! Traveling and the possibility of working with upcoming bands and whatnot are such great perks! Jason Aldean?! That incredible! If you're going for a specific program can you take other classes that are interesting to you if they don't fit in that program? Like just additional classes.


Yep! They’ll show you the dorms! And you can definitely take other classes that aren’t in your program if you have enough credit hours available. A full time student is 13-18 I believe so your tuition will pay for up to 18 credit hours. For example if you only have 14 credit hours and find a class like glass blowing that’s 4 credits, you may as well take it because you’re technically paying for it. It’s the course fees that are pricy though. Normal classes like math/eng are 40 or so but classes that are for your specific program are going to be more like 200… Which if you’re getting financial aid like I am, that won’t matter. Also, no matter what school you chose, don’t buy your books ahead of time! Most teachers will tell you on the first day if you need the book !

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